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Copywriter for Medical Tourism Businesses

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You have a medical practice outside the U.S. that caters to international clients. It’s successful, but you have the capacity to take on more patients and you’d like to attract more patients for your most profitable procedures.

You need to increase visibility for your business but you’re so busy operating your clinic or medical practice, you don’t have time to worry about marketing. Have you considered outsourcing your copywriting and marketing?

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Work with a professional healthcare copywriter to describe your practice and services for your website.

A qualified healthcare copywriter who understands the medical tourism market and is a native English speaker can help you create quality content that generates leads and sales for your healthcare practice including:

  • Websites – Most patients start their search for an international healthcare provider online. Be sure your website appears in search results and is persuasive enough to turn visitors into qualified leads.
  • Blog posts – Are there certain procedures or treatments you want to promote? Are you the expert in that niche? Blog posts give you an opportunity to position your practice as the industry authority and attract potential customers.
  • Brochures – A brochure can be printed or downloadable as a PDF. With professional design and copy, it is an excellent complement to your website, offering additional details to interested parties.
  • Landing Pages – One of the best ways to sprint to the top of Google search results is with highly targeted landing pages. Pick a highly specific niche and dedicate a page to it. Offer a free report or brochure as additional information. When the prospect requests the item, you get their email address and can then market to them directly .
  • Press releases – Is there something new or exciting you’d like to announce? Perhaps you just opened your new facility. Maybe you’ve attracted a world-renowned doctor to your practice. Or perhaps you’ve just started offering some kind of unique procedure or treatment. A press release, whether sent out to the media or just posted on your site, can boost your visibility in the market.
  • Case studies – Got success stories? New patients want to hear them. These third-party endorsements are relatable and highly persuasive. Post them on your website or offer them to qualified prospects.
  • Social media – Having a presence on social media is important. Patients can learn about your capabilities. They can interact with you directly. And they can see photos that show them how clean and modern your hospital is. Social media is also a great place to post your press releases about recent achievements and advancements.

Those are just a few of the many marketing tools you can use to establish your practice as an industry leader and achieve a top-of-mind presence with prospective patients. A skilled copywriter can create these materials quickly and cost-effectively. Now let’s talk about what information they should contain.

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Most patients considering going abroad for surgery research medical practices online. Will they find your website?

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Promote Your Clinical Excellence

The chief concern for any patient seeking surgery or treatment abroad is quality. They want to know that the facility they choose is not only safe but has highly qualified medical professionals, is skilled in the latest, most advanced techniques, and working with state-of-the-art equipment.

Your website, brochures and other marketing materials must talk about your commitment to clinical excellence. It must provide the facts that patients can use for comparison shopping and for doing research that puts them at ease in traveling abroad for treatment.

Trust Is Everything

Many customers assume that the bigger and more professional your website is, the better your services. You must persuade them they will get as good or better care than they would in their home country, but at a much lower price.  

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Your written marketing materials must paint a picture of a highly professional, experienced and compassionate medical practice.

Most prospective medical tourism customers won’t meet you in person before they decide to choose your practice for their treatment. So building credibility with them via marketing is essential to earning the sale. Whether they find your website, follow your Facebook page or read an article written by you, they must come away with an impression that your medical practice is top-notch!

Answer Questions

Anyone seeking medical treatment outside of their home country is likely to have questions – lots of questions. They’ve probably heard horror stories of botched surgeries and want to make sure the hospital they choose is reputable.

medical tourism copywriter

Your website should answer the most common questions patients ask to help put them at ease.

A skilled copywriter can help you create copy that answers the questions patients have. These questions and answers can appear on your website, in your written materials available for download or handled via chatbot. Here are some sample questions:

  • Do you have well-respected specialists?
  • Are you trained and experienced in the treatments and procedures you offer?
  • Is your facility well outfitted with the latest medical technology and equipment?
  • Does your medical staff speak English?
  • What makes your practice a better choice than your competitors’?

Well-crafted responses written in perfect English using easy-to-understand terminology will help put the patient at ease and begin to trust you. And people only buy healthcare from providers they trust!

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Your website should provide quality written information so that people considering your practice can feel confident in your services.

Types of Services You Can Promote

 What types of medical tourism appear to be thriving? The leading procedures and treatments currently available include:

dental tourism copywriter

For costly dental procedures, some Americans travel to another country where care is good and prices are far less than at home.

Countries Leading the Medical Tourism Industry

Medical tourism is rapidly becoming a significant revenue generator for many countries in Central America, South America, the Caribbean, as well as Mexico and Canada.

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Many countries are seeing significant revenue from medical tourism, making it a fast-growing industry.

In Asia, Thailand, India, South Korea and Malaysia have assumed prominent positions in the market. And in Europe, the countries of France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Poland are gradually becoming choice destinations for medical tourism.

Build Your Medical Practice’s Future

In today’s highly competitive healthcare field, with more countries and more practices looking to grab a piece of the medical tourism pie, you need to be on your game if you’re to grow your medical business. Quality copywriting for your sales materials can make a significant difference.

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Outsource your copywriting and marketing to a native English speaker who can help promote our medical tourism practice.

Even if you’re a small, highly specialized practice and working with a shoestring budget, effective marketing can build your fledgling company into a market leader.

What to Do Now

Stop wrestling with tasks like writing your medical website or adding new posts to your blog. You know it’s not the best use of your time. You need to remain focused on your business’s operation. Instead, make a decision to outsource your copywriting and marketing to a native English speaker today. And see a substantial return on investment in the near future.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote on your medical tourism copywriting or marketing project!

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Need help writing copy for your medical tourism business?

Get a quote on your project.

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