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9 Reasons to Use a Technology Writer to Grow Your Cleantech Business

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Is your company developing technologies to fight climate change or purify water and air to healthy standards?

Do you have the answer to our sustainable energy needs?

Perhaps you’re working to clean up our oceans; construct more green energy-efficient buildings; manufacture non-polluting vehicles for land, air and ocean transportation; conserve water and natural resources; or design products for waste prevention through reuse and recycling.

Whatever your cleantech field of endeavor, you’re likely undertaking groundbreaking work to create a more green, sustainable future. You’re a true pioneer in the cleantech industry. But one of your biggest challenges is getting the word out. The best technology in the world is useless if no one knows about it.

Cleantech Copywriter

By 2030 one-half of new car sales are expected to be electric, fuel cell or hybrid electric vehicles, greatly reducing air pollution.

Content Marketing, a Cost-Effective Way to Educate Prospects

Content marketing can play a vital role in gaining visibility and growing your cleantech or greentech business. What is content marketing?

Michael Brenner of Content Marketing defines it as “the process of consistently publishing relevant content that audiences want to consume in order to reach, engage, and convert new customers.” In your cleantech industry, that means educating your prospects about the benefits of clean technology.

What’s remarkable is that content marketing can generate 3X the leads as outbound marketing, 6X the conversion rates and boost web traffic by over 7X, per statistics gathered by Semrush and Marketing Insider Group. No small wonder then that 84% of a group of over 1,500 B2B and B2C companies surveyed stated they employ a content marketing strategy.

A Technology Writer Can Accelerate Your Success

Content marketing builds trust, generates leads, and cultivates customer loyalty. So why would any clean technology business owner do otherwise? Perhaps because it’s easier said than done.

Clean technology copywriter

Cleantech refers to a wide variety of environmentally-friendly practices and technologies.

It’s a great deal of work to develop the body of relevant and useful content (certainly more than you presently have) to help you grow your cleantech business by leaps and bounds. Who’s going to do all the research and writing? Will it be you? Perhaps your sales manager will step up and take it on – kidding…

There’s a (much) better option available, and that’s to engage the services of a professional cleantech copywriter to help you build your business one white paper, case study and placed article at a time. And here are nine sound reasons why this marketing approach makes sense.

Need help writing web copy for your cleantech business? Get a quote!

1. You’ll have more time to focus your unique skills on growing your cleantech business.

You’re already busy with a thousand different tasks. You know your efforts are better spent creating the magic you’re known for, not struggling with the nuances of writing. Cleantech and renewable energy copywriting are what a technology writer does exclusively. Leverage their skillset with others on your team to compound results.

cleantech writer

Investment in cleantech has increased substantially since the term was first popularized in the late 1990s.

2. A professional copywriter knows how to talk to a layperson.  

Being too close to your cleantech product or service can negatively impact the effectiveness of your content writing. It’s a challenge to remain objective and clear-eyed when you can recite the smallest details of your value proposition and why prospects need what you offer.

Unfortunately, they probably won’t view your cleantech products and services in the same way. If you can’t simplify your information to bridge this knowledge gap, the disconnect will impair interest, squelch action and result in lost sales.

  • With your insider knowledge, you may fall victim to writing over your readers’ heads. Using too much jargon or assuming prospects are savvy about your industry can be off-putting.
  • You may overlook emphasizing a feature or a benefit that to you may seem obvious, but your prospects would find super interesting.

A clean technology writer who is one step removed from your business but understands the industry can help you overcome these issues. They’re trained to tease out important considerations you might otherwise miss and ensure the message lands for the reader.

Need help writing web copy for your cleantech business? Get a quote!

Solar energy copywriter

Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source rapidly gaining momentum throughout the world.

3. Your content will be relevant and persuasive.

Not every prospect will connect how your cleantech products and services relate to their challenges and why they should listen to you. Your task is to educate them about the benefits of your solution so they willingly step along the path to becoming your customer. Sloppy writing will trip up the process, and they’ll move on. A skilled technology writer knows how to write persuasively, moving a prospect through your sales funnel, using:

  • Concise, targeted copy that flows and is easy to digest
  • Great headlines to attract attention
  • Sub-headings and bullet points to make scanning for key ideas easy
  • A firm understanding of your prospects’ pain points
  • Language that spells out the benefits your readers can expect to receive by using your product or service
  • Techniques that add zip and pique interest in even the most technical or mundane topics
  • Clear and compelling calls to action
Wind turbines copywriter

Cleantech like wind turbines helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

4. Your cleantech company will enjoy superior results.

Just as you lean on a lawyer to navigate your legal matters or a plumber to repair your leaking hot water tank, rely on a professional technology writer to deliver the value you seek from your content aspirations. A copywriter can help you pinpoint the needs and interests of your target audiences and then write compelling copy that addresses those issues.

Need help with copywriting for your cleantech business? Get a quote!

5. Combine industry-specific knowledge with copywriting experience to create quality content.

An industry-specific tech writer will have years of experience writing in your field of business. They have gained technical expertise that enhances their understanding of your prospective customers’ needs and the value you offer – critical aspects for creating compelling copy with minimal effort on your part to bring them up to speed.

By combining their copywriting skills with their understanding of your industry, they can provide valuable insights, ideas and advice to write persuasive marketing collateral to grow your business.

Agricultural technology copywriter

Smart-farming technology is helping to increase efficient, environmentally-friendly crop growth.

6. Content marketing can take many forms. A professional technology writer can produce copy that can be repurposed in many different formats to get the maximum benefit for your business. 

Need to wow your prospects so they feel compelled to contact you for more information?

  • Website content highlighting how your cleantech company is making a real difference in the world will pique your prospects’ curiosity and leave them wanting to know more about your value. Expect such results by using a qualified technology writer.

Want to educate your prospects and establish a high level of credibility and authority about what your company represents?

  • A quality tech writer will do the research relevant to your cleantech industry and write a white paper that your prospects will find insightful.

Wish to inform your target audiences about how your clean, green technologies and services solved a customer’s long-standing problem?

  • A case study that reveals how your product and services positively impacted your customer, industry and the environment, written by an experienced technology writer, will offer more proof that you’re the cleantech company to contact.

Whether you’re best served using articles, sales letters, brochures, case studies, email campaigns, ad copy, blog posts or PowerPoint narratives, an experienced technology copywriter can assist you with creative, engaging content for these formats.

Solar energy marketing copy

Is your company involved in the solar energy industry? Promote your achievements with well-written, marketing copy.

7. Develop and maintain a consistent corporate voice and brand while bolstering your authority in your clean technology industry.

A copywriter may write the words, but they will capture and convey your message, branding and authentic voice. They’ll reveal your belief in the power of clean technology to support your mission of making the world a better place.

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8. You and your company’s reputation will shine.

Content marketing is all about creating trust and positioning your clean technology business as an industry leader. Your copy must confirm your expert status. Content containing grammatical mistakes and clunky writing style can detract from your reputation as a legitimate green company doing great things for this world.

Copywriter for wind turbines

Today, more than 68,000 wind turbines across the U.S. are generating clean, reliable, renewable energy.

A skilled cleantech writer will display excellent writing and editing skills to ensure the marketing, educational and technical collateral you now use are consistently professional and authentic to your brand.

9. Produce just the content you need when you need it.

Unless you already have a copywriter or three on staff, contracting with a freelance technology writer saves you the hassle and overhead of hiring another employee. Using copywriting-as-a-service is often the best choice. It’s a cost-effective model that works no matter how small or large, new or old, your cleantech company.

Cleantech marketing

Educate consumers about your clean technology and what it can do for the environment, and watch your business explode!

With the world becoming increasingly aware of climate change and the effects of pollution in our air and water, businesses that promote clean technology are widely in favor. Now is the time to educate consumers about your greentech business and convert them into passionate clean technology advocates.

In the highly innovative and competitive cleantech business environment, your success depends largely on the message you present to your market. Leveraging the services of a professional technology writer who understands cleantech is a smart, cost-effective way to boost your company’s opportunities to win.

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