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Susan Greene Publishes e-Book on Job Hunting

Smart Strategies to Get Hired Faster 

job hunting e-book
Learn proven job-hunting strategies that give you an edge in today’s competitive employment market.

Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter in Orlando, FL, has published an information-packed e-book to help professionals who are job hunting find employers and stand out in the crowded labor market.

The e-book is titled “Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, Kick-Ass Strategies to Get the Job You Want and the Salary You Deserve.” It offers current, practical, job search advice. In 257 meaty pages, it gives detailed, how-to information on resumes, cover letters, interviews and negotiating salary.

But probably where the book provides the most value is in its many creative strategies designed to help job seekers find unadvertised positions and get noticed when the competition is stiff.

“These are original ideas proven to work but known by few,” explained author Susan Greene. “They take finding and applying for a job to the next level, from ordinary to awesome, so that the job seeker finds quality employment more quickly.”

The “Kick-Ass Strategies,” as they’re called, are presented in the form of case studies. “They’re true-life examples that job seekers can replicate and modify to fit their individual situation,” said Greene.

With unemployment numbers at their highest levels in over a decade in the U.S., job hunting could be called the new national pastime. While some signs of an economic rebound have appeared, job growth isn’t among them. Professionals looking for work will need to get creative to get hired.

Greene is also the co-author of “The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook,” a widely-used college textbook on the subject of job hunting aimed primarily at students looking for their first career job. “Job Hunting in a Tough Economy” targets skilled professionals who have some experience in their field.

Taking advantage of its electronic form, “Job Hunting in a Tough Economy” includes many links to online resources such as instructional videos, career blogs and websites with job listings.

Also included are many sample resumes and cover letters that readers can use as templates in creating their own job search tools. Add to that many inspirational tips and exercises designed to motivate the job seeker.

Job Hunting in a Tough Economy” is all about taking action,” explained author Susan Greene. “No more feeling sorry for yourself. And no more reliving the moments when you were laid off, fired, quit or were in school. The process of job hunting is more marathon than sprint. Diligence in pursuing your goal isthe only way to get to the finish line. The key to getting your career on track is simply to keep moving forward.”

Job Hunting in a Touch Economy” is available as an immediate download, and it comes with 15 additional e-books and e-reports as free bonuses. According to Greene, each of these products is a virtual mini-course on how to achieve career, financial and personal success. “It’s a wealth of information in one value-priced package,” she said.

The e-book comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Affiliates are welcome. For more information on the e-book and bonus products, go to

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Wow! Sounds great! I’d call that a wrap. Thank you so much for bearing with me. This was well worth the effort. Really sends the message home – POW!

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