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Why You Need a Professional Copywriter, Even If You’re a DIY Type

You’ve spent the money to get your website professionally designed and now you’re faced with the blinding starkness of blank pages.

Should you write the website copy yourself? After all, you’ve always been a do-it-yourself type and you did get that A back in freshman English.

Or do you tunnel a little deeper into your pocket and hire a professional freelance copywriter who can assemble the words that will turn your site into a turbo-charged sales machine?

Here are 10 reasons you should go with a copywriting pro even if you’ve always been a DIY type.

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1) The job gets done promptly and painlessly.

Be honest with yourself, you really don’t have time to get the job done. Other more important matters are calling for your attention. And because the last thing you wrote that was longer than a text message was probably that A paper back in English class, you know you’re a bit tarnished as a wordsmith.

2) You want your website to rank high on search engines. 

You’re aware that ranking will ultimately deliver more traffic to your site. Search engine optimization is a necessity if you want to compete on the web. If your copy doesn’t appeal to Google and Yahoo, your prospects are unlikely to ever find your site. And it’s hard to get rich when you’re virtually invisible.

3) You must convert visitors to your website into customers. 

You don’t want window shoppers. You want buyers. So your website copy better be persuasive to get prospects reaching for their wallets.

4) The website writing should complement the design. 

Your website’s design can’t succeed on its own. The two must work in tandem to convey your message. Otherwise, it’s just another pretty face without any substance.

5) Effective writing enhances your company’s image. 

It shouts quality without having to raise your voice. Anything less undermines your brand.

6) You want to differentiate your business from its many competitors. 

Your website copy must explain the distinctive qualities you bring to the table. A professional writer understands the difference between features and benefits and can find ways to showcase your unique selling proposition.

7) Your website is the face of your company. 

Like a storefront window, your website must create a great first impression or the customer will never cross your threshold. Make it an outstanding example of your professionalism and it will become your company’s best sales tool.

8) Your website copy must answer the questions buyers have. 

Most people searching the internet are seeking information. Pretty pictures are nice, but they don’t solve problems or speak to the reader’s needs. Words tell the story. But not just any words. They must be the right words.

9) You hire a specialist because you want results. 

A professional freelance copywriter has the experience, know-how and desire to craft copy that works. Take the guesswork out of creating your website and hire a pro, just as you would for any other critical task.

10) You’re too close to your business. 

Sure, nobody understands your business as well as you do. But that can be a mixed blessing. While it’s a large part of your success, it also means that you’ll likely get lost in the details if you write the copy yourself. A professional copywriter can look at the big picture and write objectively from a marketing perspective.

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