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Glittering. Shimmering. Sparkling. Just the mention of jewel-like qualities brings to mind images of magnificent baubles that catch the eye and stir the imagination. But even with such a compelling product, sales don’t necessarily come easy.

Writing jewelry descriptions

Photos of your jewelry are imperative, but don’t forget to also include scintillating copy to further entice customers.

A Jewelry Website Copywriter Can Help

In today’s market, the competition for jewelry & accessories customers is extraordinarily fierce. You’re not only competing with jewelry stores downtown or the chain-store jewelers in the mall, you’re dealing with the world of online jewelry purveyors and designers, and even craftspeople selling on Etsy.

Up until recently, Pandora, David Yurman, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co dominated the sector. “In 2020, high-end fashion houses have begun entering the jewelry market, as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and others are slowly introducing jewelry as part of their brand,” according to Save My Cent.

The result is an entire universe of shiny objects all competing for your customers’ interest.

professional jewelry copywriter

A jewelry copywriter can craft enticing product descriptions that generate sales for your jewelry business.

If you’re a DIY type, get started writing about your products. But if the thoughts don’t flow naturally or writing product descriptions isn’t the best use of your time, a professional jewelry copywriter can put into words the unique and special qualities of each item. She can craft writing that creates a mental picture for the customer, complementing the beautiful product photos on your jewelry website or in your jewelry catalog.

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Writing Jewelry Product Descriptions

Well-written product descriptions of jewelry and accessories can make a world of difference for your business. They do the selling for you. A product description copywriter can portray your jewelry in ways that entice customers to reach for their wallet.

Jewelry features

Use vivid imagery and captivating phraseology to highlight your jewelry’s best features.

I once worked with a jewelry designer who could talk about her creations in the most elegant terms, but yet her website was ineffective at moving product.

A quick review of her site made the reason apparent. She’d resorted to mundane, generic product descriptions. She used terms like pretty and beautiful, but none of the captivating imagery that created color-filled pictures in the mind, words which flowed effortlessly from her when talking about her jewelry.

The fix was easy. I asked her to tell me about each jewelry piece. She told me what had inspired their designs, the characteristics that made them unique and special, and any history that went along with their evolution in becoming prized pieces of her collection.

I then translated her spoken words into scintillating product descriptions. The new jewelry descriptions, complete with in-depth product information, conveyed her enthusiasm for each piece as well as her personality. They soon became the new standard for all jewelry and accessories featured on her website, in her printed catalog and in her ads.

Everyone Loves a Good Story

Don’t discount the narrative behind your jewelry. If you’ve ever watched the TV series American Pickers, then you know stories are valuable. The two guys who own the business reselling antiques are always willing to pay more for an item if it comes with a good story, whether about how an item was made, who originally owned it or what role it played in history.

Add perceived value with words

Write up the story behind your jewelry and you’ll add perceived value through your words.

The same holds true for marketing jewelry and accessories. That’s why franchises like Kay Jewelers come up with creations like Open Hearts by Jane Seymour®. It allows them to attach a story that adds symbolism and meaning to their pieces, which results in increased sales.

Think about the wedding industry. What bride wouldn’t want an engagement ring that comes with its own symbolic love story? (Bonus points if the packaging is unique and storied; think Tiffany Blue Box®.) Emulate the brands you love in your jewelry descriptions but add your own personal touch.

write about jewelry designs

Write about what inspires your jewelry designs. Buyers want to know!

If you’re a jewelry designer, write about where you draw your inspiration. How do you come up with your ideas? How do those ideas translate into meaningful designs?

If you’re a jewelry retailer, craft copy that tells visitors where you obtain your gems and materials, and how that makes them special.

I worked with a jewelry retailer who sold unique pieces made by Colombian craftsmen in a remote village, most of whom had learned their skills from their parents and grandparents. Their artisan designs had been passed down through the generations and were unique to their little village.

Telling that story on the retailer’s website immediately added intrigue and value to their products, allowing her to sell her jewelry at premium prices. It generated sales. And it also gave her get media coverage, as several fashion magazines profiled her and her jewelry designs. 

jewelry stories

Stories help make your creations stand out from bland, mass produced jewelry.

Find Your Niche

If you’re establishing an e-commerce company to sell jewelry or accessories online, it can be extremely difficult to stand out. One of the most effective techniques you can use is to choose a niche, a highly specific subset of jewelry creations.

Need some examples? Consider niches such as:

  • Religious jewelry
  • Heart jewelry
  • Butterfly jewelry
  • Nose posts
  • Birthstone jewelry
  • Gold bangles
  • Heirloom jewelry
  • Navel rings
  • Native American jewelry
  • Wedding rings

You get the idea. By catering to a niche market, you attract loyal customers seeking exactly what you sell and who are delighted to have found your curated collection.

Gain Customer Trust

People buy from companies (and websites) they know, like and trust. So one of the most important objectives in writing your jewelry website and marketing materials should be gaining the trust of your customers.

jewelry website

To inspire trust in the jewelry you sell, include customer testimonials and positive reviews on your website.

As you can imagine, many people are naturally wary of jewelry sellers. After all, how many of us can tell the difference between a diamond and cubic zirconia or a designer original and something that’s a clever copy?

Alleviating those concerns can be done with a well-written liberal return policy and clearly stated guarantee.

Testimonials written by satisfied customers (and edited by a professional copywriter if needed) can also go long way toward convincing visitors that you’re legit and your products are of good quality.

According to Qualtrics XM in its 2020 online review statistics, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product. And 91% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, per RevLocal

Succeeding in the Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry is a rapidly growing and dynamic market, with global sales expected to increase from about $279 billion dollars in 2018 to about 480.5 billion dollars by 2025, according to a Statistica study of the global jewelry market.

jewelry website

Use your jewelry website to sell your products worldwide and continue growing your business.

For fashion jewelry, the market as measured by retail value is concentrated among five top consuming countries:

  1. China
  2. U.S.
  3. India
  4. Japan
  5. Hong Kong

For luxury jewelry, the U.S. overwhelmingly dominates as the top consumer, followed by Japan, France, China and Italy, according to Co Data writing on the size of the global jewelry market.

A skilled jewelry copywriter will help you engage your audience, no matter where they’re located in the world, with smartly written promotions and vibrant product descriptions.

To carve out your piece of the competitive global jewelry market, you need every possible tool at your disposal. A skilled jewelry copywriter is worth her weight in gold!

She can help you gain visibility and engage your audience with smartly written promotions and product descriptions that sparkle. When you shine brighter than the competition in both product and marketing, your potential success as an e-commerce jewelry seller is unlimited!

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Susan Greene is a professional copywriter based in Orlando, Florida. She and her team of experienced writers are adept at crafting jewelry product descriptions that generate global sales and build enduring brands.

Need help writing copy about your jewelry collection?

Get a no-obligation quote on product descriptions, web copy or blog posts.

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