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Launch Your Website to the Top of the Search Engines

Article Marketing is a Surefire Strategy 

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Your website is complete, and you’re pleased with the way it looks. Now you want to see it rise in the search engine rankings. What can you do?

Add content. Yes, you already have a Home page, an About Us page, and Product pages, but how about adding some informative articles? Article marketing will give you the traffic, sales and expert status you need to take your business to the next level.

Write educational pieces, and you’ll make your website more than just a sales tool; it will become a valuable resource to people interested in your field.

The #1 reason that people search the web is to get information. If your site offers quality content, not only will search engines steer traffic your way, but your visitors will be more likely to stay a while and eventually become customers too.

What types of things can you write about? Anything related to your main topic. Say, for example, that your website is selling pet products. Think of some article ideas that might interest someone who comes to your site.

How about writing a review of a popular pet product? Provide tips on house training your puppy. Offer suggestions for pet nutrition. Delve into dog psychology. Or describe the latest trends in pet fashions. The list is endless. And the more articles you add, the more impressive your website will be.

The key though, is that your articles should be informative pieces, not sales hype. Tell the reader something new or interesting. You must provide value.

Your articles should include your main keywords, those niche words or phrases that will help your search engine ranking. Come up with an enticing headline.

Use subheads to make your copy scannable, since studies show that most visitors scan a page to find the information they are looking for, rather than reading the entire page. Break big chunks of text into multiple paragraphs or incorporate bullet points for easy reading.

If you add just one article per week, it won’t be long before your website becomes a trusted information source in its niche and rises in the search engine rankings.

You can then consider repurposing some of the articles and publishing them on authority websites like and At the end of each of those articles, you’ll be able to add a link back to your own website. Those links will drive traffic to your site and also improve your search engine ranking, since search engines do take note of the number of inbound links each site has.

Publishing articles online should be part of your long-term internet marketing program. Take your website and your business up a notch by putting this surefire strategy to work for you.

Good content can help your website rise on the search engines.  Get professional copywriting assistance. Contact Susan Greene today!


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