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“I Love to Write. Now What?”

Less Studying. More Writing. Get Busy Working on Your Craft

The following email was sent to me by someone who would like to become a freelance copywriter. I’ve decided to share the email and my response because they may help other copywriters beginning their career.  I hope you find the information useful.

Susan Greene | Freelance Copywriter | Orlando, Florida


The only way to become a writer is to write. So get busy!

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I am a 30-year-old educated woman with no career. I know, I sound typical. I came across your copywriting website, and I have a question you may be able to answer.

I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing and a Masters in Communication. I love to write.  It is my passion, however I have not pursued it due to a lack of confidence (I suppose).

I have never worked in marketing or communication but many of my jobs have had some form of the two.  My experience is mainly in sales and client relationship management.

I am considering going back to college for a Masters in Marketing or Copywriting? Is either necessary?

Do I need to do this or can I pursue this career path with neither of the credentials?  I mean, aren’t I already academia qualified to do any writing job even though I haven’t professionally done it (other than a small project for a friend)?

Can you please give me some direction here?  I am a creative who is struggling to find my place in the writing world.

Yours truly,

Lost in the job market


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Less studying. More doing. Start writing today!

Hi Brenda,

It’s nice to meet you.

I’ll cut right to the chase.  You don’t need to return to college for copywriting or marketing.  You’ve already got a BS and a Masters!  That’s impressive.  Great credentials.  Congratulations!

Now you need less studying and more doing.

Imagine the person who spends years studying books about playing the piano but never once touches the keys.  Do you think he has any mastery of the instrument?

Or how about the tennis pro who watches countless hours of tennis matches but never laces up his sneakers and picks up a tennis racket.  Do you think he’s ready for Wimbledon?

Similarly, the only way to become a writer is to write.  No matter how innately talented you may be, you still need to practice.  You learn by doing.

I realize you have no clients banging down your door.  So you’ll need to seek out opportunities to use your writing skills.  Start building a portfolio and your confidence.  Any employer or freelance client you approach is going to want to see samples of your work.  So get busy!

Write a guest post for a blog.  Do a brochure for a friend’s company.  Help an entrepreneur launch her business with great marketing copy.  Pick a product and write an ad to promote it.  Lend a hand to someone at work who’s struggling at writing an important letter.  Build your own website using a tool like Create!  Make something out of nothing.  With every piece you write, you’ll be improving.

While you’re practicing your craft though, don’t stop learning.  You don’t need to be enrolled in a university to continue your education.  Spend some of your time reading about copywriting and studying the works of others, but not all.

You can visit my blog, if you haven’t already, to get some more tips about becoming a copywriter. //  Scroll down to the section, “Advice for Aspiring Copywriters.”  But again, invest the bulk of your time writing, not reading.

I know you can do it!  And I think you know you can too.  Get busy, girlfriend!

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.  Please keep me posted on your success.



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You already have the write stuff.  Put pen to paper and start creating.


Thank you so much! Your response brought a smile to my face!

I will put my writing skills in motion and use your resources.

Again, thank you for taking the time to help this copywriter wannabe.



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You’re welcome, Brenda.  Glad I could help.

Please pay it forward.  Do one nice thing for someone else this week.   🙂

Want more tips to grow your freelance copywriting business? Request my FREE Copywriter Report. Email Susan Greene at and put “Copywriter Report” in the subject line.

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Really sends the message home – POW!

Wow! Sounds great! I’d call that a wrap. Thank you so much for bearing with me. This was well worth the effort. Really sends the message home – POW!

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