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PLR – How to Add SEO Content to Your Website Fast and Cheap

Private Label Rights Material Offers Alternative to Hiring Professional Copywriters

PLR content marketing

Buying PLR materials is a fast, inexpensive way to add content to your website or blog.

Everything you read says content is critical to online success. To rank high on the search engines and excel on the web, you need informational copy on your website. Lots of it. But creating content is time consuming, and that’s assuming you have good writing skills. The other option is hiring a professional copywriter, but that gets expensive, too. There is another way.

PLR Material Is Surprisingly Affordable

Search for Private Label Rights (PLR) products relevant to your subject. PLR material is content that someone has written and is now offering for sale. You can purchase the rights to publish that material on your own website or any other marketing product you’d like. The price is usually far less than you’d pay to have a copywriter create custom content for you. A typical PLR package of 5-20 articles might cost $10-$50.

If you’re fortunate to have a business in a popular industry, such as weddings, you can easily find plenty of PLR material for sale with a simple search on Google. Just search for your subject followed by “PLR” such as “Wedding PLR,” and you’ll get some great results.

Uses for PLR Products

PLR material offers many creative possibilities for building your mailing list, increasing traffic to your site and also generating sales. While most PLR products come in the form of articles that you can add to your site, you can also use them for other marketing applications.

Use PLR to create e-books and short reports that you offer on your site. Use it on your blog as posts. Insert your PLR articles into an auto-responder to follow up with customers each day. Or use it to create a mini-course that you distribute to your mailing list.

Edit and Personalize PLR Articles

If you’re going to add PLR articles to your website, you’ll want to go a step further than simply purchasing and posting them. Other people with websites in your field may already have purchased the same PLR material and used it on their website. You don’t want to have the exact same text, as Google is unlikely to give you good ranking for duplicate content.

The way around this is to put your own touch on the PLR articles. Edit 30%-50% of each article so that it’s not exactly as purchased. In fact, the more you change, the better. You can personalize PLR material to your business by doing any of the following:

  • Change the headline and introduction
  • Add your opinion on the subject
  • Provide examples that illustrate key points
  • Add case studies
  • Modify formatting such as turning a paragraph into bullets
  • Add statistics and other relevant data
  • Change up the order of paragraphs
  • Incorporate relevant quotes
  • Include links to other useful articles and products
  • Change the conclusion

Make the articles your own by adding your voice and personal style. Showcase your experience by offering knowledgeable commentary. It can take some time to do this for each article, but not nearly as long as writing the articles from scratch. Of course, you can also hire a professional copywriter to assist you with this task for a modest editing fee.

Seek Out Quality Writing

Because you typically don’t get to read PLR material until you’ve purchased the rights to it, you’re forced to take a leap of faith that its quality will be good. Of course, the sellers will tell you their PLR is professional grade.

If possible, search for samples of other materials the author has written to see if it meets your standards and if you like the author’s writing style. You can even e-mail the PLR seller and ask to see a writing sample if none is available for your review. Also, Google the author’s name to see if other customers have posted reviews of the PLR material.

Try to determine if the PLR materials were written by people in the U.S., U.K. or some other English-speaking country. Occasionally, PLR is written by people in Third World countries such as India, Nigeria and the Philippines. These authors work for less, which makes their PLR affordable, but English is not their first language, and it shows in their writing. If you buy dirt-cheap content from a foreign writer, you could end up having to do a full-scale revision before it’s useable on your site.

One more item to research is whether the author has capped the downloads. You’d prefer to buy PLR material that is sold to only a limited number of buyers, as that lessens the likelihood of you and someone else in your field having duplicate content.

If you can find good quality PLR material from a reputable writer or PLR seller, you’ll have discovered a cost-effective alternative to writing content from scratch.

While PLR still requires some hands-on editing, the end result will be fresh content that you can add to your website to improve its search engine ranking or other marketing materials to help position you as the expert in your field.

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