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Need help writing sales copy for your skincare products?

Work with a skincare copywriter.

You’ve spent many months working on your skincare business. You researched ingredients (only the best will do!), painstakingly created the formulas, and put your heart into developing the brand and image for your skincare products. And now you’re ready for sales to come pouring in. But they’re not – at least not yet.

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You can have the best skincare product on the market, but if people don’t know it exists, you won’t see sales.

The one area you struggle with – if you’re willing to admit it to yourself – is marketing.

Getting prospects to first find you (web traffic) and then trust you (conversions) presents a major challenge. If you’re selling your skincare products online, it all starts with writing your website.

You need copywriting that’s dynamic and captures attention. It needs to differentiate your beauty products from competitors. A skincare copywriter could help you stand out in the crowded skincare e-commerce field and generate more sales. 

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Writing product descriptions and marketing copy for your beauty products takes skills and experience.

You’re not alone. Plenty of beauty and skincare companies struggle with copywriting their marketing materials. So let yourself off the hook.

It’s okay if writing isn’t your thing. Your business and product development skills are off the chain! But if your website doesn’t pique the interest of customers, you’re flying on dreams and hopes. And that’s a formula for failure.

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Work with a professional copywriter while you focus on product development, strategic partnerships and sales.

Any entrepreneur will tell you, assembling the right team is the key to scaling a business and maximizing revenue. And a talented, experienced skincare copywriter should be part of YOUR team.

Of course, you could invest the effort to write better product descriptions and articles, but is that really the best use of your time? Aren’t you better off focusing on product development, strategic partnerships and sales?

You know how competitive the beauty and skincare business is. There are new suppliers and new products popping up daily, such as the fast-selling, CBD-infused skincare products. And they all claim to be amazing. But what they lack are the qualities and hand-selected ingredients your products have, not to mention your knowledge of skincare. And that’s what your marketing materials must convey!

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Effective writing means your beauty products won’t sit on the shelf gathering dust. Use good copy to stoke sales!

You’re competing with a broad swath of beauty product entrepreneurs selling everything from skincare creams and lotions to every imaginable type of haircare product. If you want to distinguish yourself from this wide-ranging pack and dominate your competition, you’re going to have to up your game. And that’s exactly what a skincare copywriter can do for you. She can write:

  • Web copy and product descriptions to promote your skincare products
  • SEO copy to drive traffic to your website
  • Social media posts to build a following
  • A company brochure you can send to prospects
  • Sales letters to attract new strategic partners
  • Case studies of satisfied customers
  • Ad campaigns
  • Press releases
  • Packaging copy
  • Names for new beauty products as you develop them
  • And more!

Isn’t it time you had content designed to position your brand and generate sales? Remember, for most people, choosing skincare products is a decision they don’t take lightly. They need confidence they’re making the right move and spending their money wisely, which takes a lot more persuading than simply a product photo and price.

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Your website copy should tell the world the unique benefits your skincare products deliver.

If your website copy doesn’t reassure them that yours is the superior product and a great value, you’re losing sales. Help persuade customers to reach for their wallet outstanding sales copy.

“The quickest way to the top is not by fighting your way through the pack; the quickest way is to leapfrog over the pack and simply take it upon yourself to proclaim that you’re above it,” said Robert Ringer, a well-respected entrepreneur.

Look, you know your products aren’t “just another moisturizer.” You want to be at the top of the game. By improving the copywriting that appears on your website, you’re taking your beauty business to the next level. And it’s just a matter of time until the results begin translating into real revenue.

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How much sooner will you see sales if you work with a copywriter vs. attempting to write copy yourself?

We have skincare copywriters on staff. They have experience working one-on-one with cosmetics and beauty companies, as well as dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the country. They’re fast, able to give quick turnarounds, and our prices are affordable.

If you’re ready to sell more skincare products, professional web copy and marketing materials are the next step on your journey to create a killer company.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your skincare copywriting project. We can’t wait to help you achieve unlimited success!

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Need help writing sales copy for your skincare products?

Work with a skincare copywriter.

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