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10 Practical Ways to Promote Your Shampoos, Conditioners & Hair Styling Products

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Hair and beauty product companies are flourishing. With the right marketing and copywriting, you can greatly accelerate your growth.

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Way back when I was a kid, my family lived in a small two-bedroom apartment with one bathroom. All five of us shared the same bar of soap and the same shampoo. When I hit my teen years, a friend introduced me to Agree shampoo and conditioner, which didn’t make my hair look any different, but it sure smelled good.

When I added Agree products to the small edge of our bathtub, my family gave me grief about the extra real estate I was using. I can only imagine the hassle I’d get if my living arrangements were the same today – the ever-growing menagerie of products I use for my hair continues to multiply, like weeds in an untended victory garden.

One shampoo to care for my hair is never going to be sufficient. I have different products for different needs – smoothing shampoo to get rid of the frizzies, dry shampoo for when I don’t have time for a real shampoo, clarifying shampoo that I use in summer to counteract the effects of pool chlorine, not to mention rinse-out conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and hair masks with emulsifiers to uber-condition my hair from root to tip!

copywriter for hair care products

Your marketing needs to be on point, and that’s especially true if you’re a grassroots company or startup.

I’m sure I’m not the only one reaching for my wallet every time I hear about a new hair product guaranteed to give me the shiny, lustrous locks I dream of. The global hair care products market — including not only shampoos, but hair color products, conditioners, hair extensions, keratin treatments, styling tools and more – was valued at $42.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $72 billion by the end of 2031.

Hair, hygiene and beauty companies are flourishing, growing faster than a 10-year-old boy’s summer buzz cut. But the competition is also increasing, supply surging to meet demand. New products are continually being introduced — heatless curlers, hair toppers, rosemary oil — to name just a few.

The competition isn’t just from within the U.S. Other countries have their share of hair care products, many of which they’re marketing globally. With so many hair products on the market, it takes more than great formulations for brands to survive. How can you stand out?

Your marketing needs to be on point, and that’s especially true if you’re a grassroots company or startup, not a L’Oreal or Johnson & Johnson, and don’t have the resources to buy TV commercials or get shelf-space at Walmart or upscale salons.

copywriter for hair salons

Competition is fierce, whether you’re a hair salon or a manufacturer of hair-care/styling products.

You must identify your market, find where people in your demographics hang out, and then create content to catch their eye. You can work with a copywriter for hair products or try the DIY route using the 10 tips below to write content that turns looky-loos into buyers and loyal fans!

1. Grab attention – You need a strong headline, one that makes the consumer feel you understand their hair problem, whatever it may be. The headline has to make them want to keep reading, lapping up every word like a thirsty puppy.

2. Tell them why they need it – Here’s where you give the prospect the reasons they absolutely can’t live without your product. It’s the solution they’ve been seeking, the missing puzzle piece that will make their hair healthy and beautiful, just like they always wanted. With every word, you’re walking the prospect toward the sale.

copywriter for hair and beauty products

Use stories to promote your hair care brand. They’re more impactful than facts on their own.

3. Explain your thinking – Give the reason you invented your product. What void were you trying to fill? How did the creative process evolve? How have you refined the product over time?

4. Use stories – Sure you can list what each of the ingredients in your hair products but those aren’t what create desire. Even more compelling are stories of people who’ve used your products. Their experiences are relatable. You’ll soon have the buyer nodding her head and thinking, “That’s exactly my situation. And this product can help? I’m in!”

5. Paint a picture with sidebars – Have some information you’d like to convey although it strays a bit from the main story? Perhaps it’s about one special ingredient. Or maybe it’s one specific use case. It might even be about how your company frequently donates to a particular charity like Locks of Love. That information can be the little extra push your prospect needs to decide to buy.

marketing hair products

Sidebars offer an opportunity to convey interesting facts, testimonials or anecdotes about your hair products.

6. Reveal the science – The formulations of your products have their basis in science. And they’re not just random chemicals; they’re carefully selected ingredients, each of which has a specific purpose and is healthy for your hair, scalp and skin. Consumers like to know the facts behind the products they buy. So don’t be afraid to pull back the curtain and let them know all the wholesome, nourishing elements you’ve combined to create a truly one-of-a-kind hair product.

7. Illustrate points with tables, charts and graphs – Compare your product to others. Reveal the results of using your product regularly – split ends fully repaired in just 30 days; dry; fly-away hair smoothed and silky after only 2 uses; annoying cowlicks turned into magnificent curls. 

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Don’t hesitate to tell the science behind your products.

8. Solicit testimonials – Consumers expect the manufacturer to say something good about their product. But how about when customers give their opinions? Instant street cred. Get quotes – in writing or on video – from your satisfied customers and incorporate them into your marketing. Their comments about their real-life experiences and their reviews can often be the deciding factor for consumers. Bonus points if you can get any celebrity or influencer testimonials.

marketing hair products

When you combine quality copywriting with before-and-after pictures, you create a powerful marketing tool.

9. Who doesn’t love before and after pictures – No one! We all want to see the fat person turned string bean, the old person made young, the ugly duckling transformed into supermodel. Your photos of happy customers showing off their great results with your product will have greater impact than any words you could write in a description.

10. Be social – Have you ever bought a product you saw mentioned on social media? Or have you ever gone to social media to see if a product you like has an account or blog you can follow? Thanks to social media marketing, you don’t need an enormous ad budget to communicate with your customers. You can reach them organically — if you understand who they are and what motivates them.

Your customers are looking for you; make sure they find you. Social media content can be anything from a Twitter tweet or Facebook post to an Instagram story or YouTube video. Promote your products with interesting facts, behind-the-scenes stories and compelling photos or videos. And consider offering your followers the occasional coupon or introductory offer to try your product, knowing that once they try it, they’ll probably become customers for life!

Hair salon copywriter

Promote your hair salon and styling products with compelling copy.

Your ability to market your brand can be the deciding factor between struggling for sales and achieving spectacular success. Writing copy to promote your hair care products is a good way to attract new customers and retain the loyalty of existing customers.

You can give it a go on your own if you feel confident in your writing skills and also if writing is a smart use of your time. However, there is an alternative.

Hair & beauty copywriter

A professional copywriter with experience writing for hair products can help you craft the right messaging for your brand.

Consider working with a skilled, experienced copywriter, someone who understands marketing, SEO and social media and can help you develop messaging that’s on point. She can assist with web copy, product descriptions, label/packaging copy, brochures, blog posts, case studies and more. She’ll get the job done quickly and effectively, helping you to generate sales and build a following for your hair care products.

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Need help writing copy to promote your hair care products?

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