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Websites Are Like Job Interviews

Website copywriter Susan Greene offers 10 guidelines for online success


Think of your website as your introduction to customers. It needs to make a great first impression.

You’ve been on job interviews, right?  You nervously sit and answer questions, hoping that you say all the right things.

Well, a website is a lot like a job interview, except that instead of introducing yourself to a prospective employer, you’re introducing your business to a prospective customer.  The guidelines for interview success can easily be applied to your website.

Ace these 10 job interview strategies, and your website will convert more visitors into customers:

1. Make a great first impression

You only get one quick chance to wow your visitors. Make your home page enticing or they aren’t going to stick around, and they’re certainly not coming back again.

2. Dress for success

Your website must convey the right image. It should have a professional look and feel. The navigation has to be easy, so visitors can easily find what they need. The words and graphics must work together to deliver your message.

3. Provide good information

Your website, like a good interview, should communicate some substance. Get rid of the fluff and communicate the facts. Show visitors that you know your stuff. More importantly, make it obvious that you’re the answer to their needs.

4. Show confidence.

Your website needs to boldly state what your company or product can do. Clearly state your strengths and capabilities, just as you would in talking to a prospective employer.

5. Let your personality shine through

Your website shouldn’t bore your visitors. Be creative. Write in a conversational tone. Spruce up your copy with attractive graphics and photos. Use headlines to break up big chunks of text. Be engaging, even humorous, so that visitors begin to feel they know you.

6. Give examples

Don’t just tell your website visitors that you can do what they need; show them. Provide specific examples, even case studies, to prove your capabilities.

7. Use testimonials

Just as a job hunter has letters of recommendations, you should post feedback from your customers. Those third-party endorsements can persuade visitors that you’re every bit as good as you say.

8. Be prepared to talk money

Interviews often include salary discussions.  Similarly, many people use the internet to shop price. Even if you’d rather not post exact figures on your website, give some indication as to price range so the prospective customer can determine if you’re a fit with their budget.

9. Include a call-to-action

Just as your objective in an interview is to get a job offer, make sure each page of your website has an objective. What do you want the visitor to do after reading that page – call you, make a purchase, or click through to another page?

10. Follow-up

Often visitors aren’t prepared to make a decision the first time they find your website. Offer a free report or e-newsletter so that they’ll provide you with their email address. That way, you can stay in touch via email, just as you would if you were a job hunter who’d interviewed with a prospective employer. Following up helps ensure that you’re in your prospects’ thoughts when they’re ready to make their decision.

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