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Why Web Designers & Ad Agencies Hire Me (and you should too!)

 Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter

Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter, Orlando FL

Every week I receive inquiries from web design firms and marketing agencies asking about my copywriting services. They want to know how I work and why they should choose me as their freelance copywriter to interact with their clients. Briefly, here’s what I tell them.

I’m a Generalist

I work with a wide variety of clients as they do. I enjoy the diversity and can easily adapt to the client’s personal style. My goal is to quickly get up to speed on the client company’s products or services and then find an interesting way to present their information so that it achieves their objectives.

I’ve written on a wide range of topics: data analytics, non-ferrous investment castings, hotels, housing developments, beauty creams, finance, cable TV, auto tires, software and so much more. Put it this way: if there were ever a group Jeopardy contest, you’d want me on your team.

I Keep Projects Moving

In addition to working directly with my own clients, I get a lot of subcontract and referral work from ad agencies and web design firms that find their projects have stalled because the clients have not provided the necessary written content, or the content they submitted is of poor quality. I’m brought in to “save the day.”

Copywriting Experience & Business Know-how

Web design firms and ad agencies can feel comfortable hiring me for their client projects because I understand marketing and business. I bring 20+ years of full-time copywriting experience to the table as well as a BS in journalism and an MBA. I service the heck out of my clients, making sure each one feels special and knows that I genuinely care about their success.

Diverse Capabilities

I’m versatile and can write websites, brochures, press releases, ads and more. When it comes to writing web copy, I have a firm understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that can help their client’s website attain a high ranking.

Geography Is Never an Issue

While I’m based in Orlando, Florida, I’m comfortable working with clients anywhere in the U.S. and world.   I’m worked with companies in Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Hungary, Israel and more.

I Make It Happen

I’m reliable. I never miss deadlines and make sure to follow through on every commitment. I’m super detail oriented.

When web designers or ad agency creative directors hand off a project to me, they never have to worry; it’s no longer their problem. I take the ball and run with it, probably farther than they or their client ever expected. I’m a pro, and it shows in everything I do. ‘Nuff said.

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