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Digibee is a fast-growing, startup tech company that has developed a unique Hybrid Integration Platform that connects business ecosystems. It helps organizations automate their operations and accelerate growth through their digital transformation. 
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Digibee was planning to attend several trade shows where it would be introducing its services and capabilities. The sales team needed some handouts to give to interested prospects as well something they could share with customers. 

Because the company was founded in Brazil, many of the initial employees were Brazilian. And while their spoken English was excellent, they were less comfortable writing in English. Since they were targeting customers in the U.S., they knew they needed an American copywriter to compose their marketing materials.


Digibee contacted Susan Greene, a native English speaker in the U.S., to help with crafting copy for their sell sheets as well as some blog and social media posts. She had experience writing for tech companies in the past.

Susan met with the team and began learning about Digibee. It was important that she understand the technology and Digibee’s target market.

Over the course of two months, Susan completed approximately 10 copywriting projects including several sales sheets such as the one below. The company finally had some marketing materials they could hand out at trade shows and send out to qualified prospects.


The materials Susan created were quickly put into use. Digibee successfully participated in multiple trade shows. The company is growing fast and will soon be creating additional sales materials for generating leads and sales.

Having recently received a Series A investment of $25 million, Digibee is poised to accelerate its expansion into North America. The company is projecting 230% growth by the end of 2022.

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