Elyon & Friends Tanzania

Tanzania, East Africa

Elyon & Friends is a nonprofit organization that provides food, fresh water and educational materials to rural villages in Tanzania.
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Elyon & Friends, a nonprofit organization that operates in Tanzania, raised funds to install a fresh water well in a rural village community suffering from drought. They plan to install additional wells and provide food to other remote villages in Tanzania if they can raise sufficient funds.

It was therefore important to the charity to let current and potential future donors know that the initial well project had been a success.

They wanted to write a press release that they could display on their social media sites. And as English wasn’t a first language for people in the organization, they preferred to have it written by a professional, native English copywriter


One of the organization’s repeat donors was Susan Greene, an American with experience as a copywriter for  translation companies and international businesses. She also had served as a copywriter for nonprofit organizations whose causes she supports. Elyon & Friends reached out to her for help.


Susan Greene interviewed the charity’s leaders and wrote the press released pasted below along with photos of the well. Elyon & Friends looks forward to continuing to help the rural communities of Tanzania.

With each new project, it strives to make a positive difference in the lives of Tanzanians. Through its social media and public relations efforts, Elyon & Friends keeps donors engaged and up to date on the organization’s activities.

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Elyon & Friends Drills Well in Rural Tanzanian Village

We struck water!

Great news! Elyon & Friends has successfully installed a fresh water well in one of the rural village communities in northern Tanzania. The well will provide access to fresh water for hundreds of villagers who previously had to walk many hours to fetch water every day.

It’s a physically demanding task, one that’s often left to children, and especially young girls, who would otherwise be able to attend school.

copywriter for social media posts

Elyon & Friends drills well for rural village in Tanzania. Keeps donors informed of progress through social media.

In addition to the convenience this new well will provide, clean water will help villagers prevent spreading of infectious diseases by greatly improving sanitation. Also, the water is safe for drinking. In Africa, over two million children die from illnesses brought on due to poor water quality each year.

This well is 60 meters deep and the water is brought to the surface using a motorized pump. The drilled well reaches water in deep aquifers in the earth, so that droughts and seasonal fluctuations in the water table are less likely to affect the amount of water available.

PR copywriter

Promoting their achievements helps Elyon & Friends with fundraising.

This well will be a long-lasting, sustainable solution to address the water problems of multiple rural communities. A single well in Africa can meet the basic daily needs of nearly 2,000 people and last for over 20 years.

Copywriter for nonprofits

A copywriter for nonprofit organizations can help charities attract and retain donors who support their cause.

Elyon & Friends would like to thank its donors who so generously supported this project. We are hopeful that it is only the first of many wells we build, designed to greatly improve the quality of life in Tanzania.If you wish to donate, we welcome your support. Contact Elyon & Friends Tanzania through info@elyonfriends.org / elyonfriends@yahoo.com / whatsapp +255754743685

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Here's what the client said about the copy:

Great social post content

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much for the great social post content, very professional and well written. Going to post it now, please check our Facebook page

Again, thank you so much for many assistance you provided to us. We feel you are a part of us.

Pendaeli Amos
Elyon & Friends Tanzania
Tanzania, East Africa

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