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Marketing a dental practice

Dentists and orthodontists have a difficult challenge. They must balance doing what they were trained to do – caring for the oral health of their patients – with running a business. And one of the most difficult aspects of running a dental or orthodontic practice is writing effective marketing materials to promote that business.

See if you’ve found yourself dealing with any of the issues below:

  • You want to grow your practice but aren’t attracting as many new patients as you’d like.
  • You’ve tried different advertising vehicles but none has provided a good ROI.
  • You’re hesitant to do marketing because you don’t want to come across as sleazy or desperate.

If these concerns sounds familiar, you should know you’re not alone. In fact, many dentists and orthodontists have been daunted by the challenges of copywriting and marketing for years.

Marketing a dental practice

Referrals aren’t enough to grow a dental or orthodontic practice. Marketing is a necessity.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising Isn’t Enough

In the past, referrals from existing clients were sufficient to maintain a steady stream of new patients. Everyone in your area knew you were The Dentist or The Orthodontist, but now the industry is more competitive and patients have their pick of professionals.

In fact, it seems there are more dentists and orthodontists hanging out their shingle every day, many offering services at lower rates and longer hours looking to build their practice with patients who might otherwise go to you.

Promoting a dental practice

As competition has grown, dentists and orthodontists have had to step up their marketing efforts.

Your Website Establishes Your Brand

A website should be your most important marketing tool. It establishes your brand. The copywriting on your site introduces your dental or orthodontic practice to the world, telling people who you are and what services you offer. And all of your marketing tools — ads, press releases, brochures — should help drive traffic to your website.

So, when is the last time you added to or significantly changed your website? One year? Two years? Three years or more? Gasp!

Just like fashions change, so do web designs. A bright, new look could breathe life into your ailing site and help build your brand.

Copywriter for dentists

A professional copywriter can help you write effective content for your website.

Copywriting for Your Dental Website

Web design is important. It’s the look and feel of your website. But you need to have substance too if you’re to persuade visitors to contact you. A professional copywriter can help you create pages like these:

  • Service Pages – What is your practice all about? What services do you provide? Do you offer anything beyond standard dental care such as teeth whitening, Invisalign braces, dental implants, emergency dental care? Some dentists are even promoting botox treatments. Those services need to be spelled out on your site in clearly written copy so that both existing and new customers know all you offer. List all services on one page or dedicate separate pages to each service to allow room for more detailed explanations.
  • FAQ Page – Does your site answer the questions your staff most frequently gets asked, everything from your hours of operation to your specialties and payment terms? If not, it should. An FAQ page can help you attract the types of customers who would be the best fit for your dental services and it can deter people who aren’t a fit from taking up your staff’s time.
  • About Us Page – Is your About Us page up to date? Choosing a dentist or orthodontist is a personal decision. So tell your visitors about your education, years of schooling and personal philosophy. Those are important facts that could help give a prospect the comfort level to pick up the phone and make that appointment. Don’t forget to include your photo. Yes, I know, everyone hates the way they look in a photo. But people want to do business with people they like. A photo, preferably one showing you in your dental environment, will go a long ways toward helping them feel they know you, and that’s the first step toward gaining their trust.
well-written About Us page

A well-written About Us page tells prospective patients why they should choose your practice.

Get Rich in a Dental Niche

If you’d like to add to your existing website but aren’t sure where to go with it, consider writing some copy to promote a niche.

Do you have a dental or orthodontia specialty? Is there a certain type of prospect who’s a particularly good fit for you?

Maybe you enjoy working with children. Or perhaps you’re especially good working with people who are afraid of dentists. Maybe you have special expertise in fitting dentures. Or maybe you’re an oral surgeon.

Rather than be a dentist for EVERYTHING, select a few specialty areas that you can promote in the copy on your site and use to attract new patients and grow your practice.

Promote your dental specialties

Promote your specialties to stand out in a crowded field of dentists and orthodontists.

Other Marketing Tools

An endless array of marketing tools exist, all designed to give you visibility and build your brand. But no dentist, or any business for that matter, has unlimited funds to advertise. So you’ll have to choose those marketing products that will give you the most bang for the buck.

You start with writing your dentist website, making sure it’s as professional, engaging and persuasive as you are. From there, you can consider creating promotional tools such as:

  • Blog — Articles that educate your patients about dental topics is one of the most effective tools for dentists.
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Ads – online and print
  • Postcards
  • Community sponsorships
  • Educational guest speaking engagements
  • Press releases
  • Coupons and other specials to bring in new clients
  • Flyers
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, etc.

Make sure whatever marketing method you choose, the design and copywriting are first-rate to reflect the professionalism of your brand.

Marketing Copywriter

Work with a copywriter to compose marketing materials that grow your practice.

Get Marketing Help from a Copywriter

Promoting your dental or orthodontic practice is critical to your success. The best practitioners in the world wouldn’t be successful unless people knew about their services.

As a dentist, your time is best spent treating patients. Your years of study and experience are what make you unique and qualified.

Consider working with a copywriter and marketing professional to assume the responsibilities of promoting your practice. With a little help, you could take your dental or orthodontic practice to the next level.

Do you need help updating or expanding your website? Would you like to explore other marketing materials to promote your dental or orthodontic services? Contact Susan Greene today!

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