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Partnering with a Safari Company in Tanzania to Help Others

We all have special causes that are near and dear to our heart. My mother passed away from breast cancer at the age of 32, so I’ve supported breast cancer charities.

For years, my daughter Katie and I created shoe boxes filled with gifts for Operation Christmas Child. And when on Facebook a friend mentions some challenge they’re facing — a sick child, homelessness, an illness — I have often opened my wallet and donated, as have so many others. But one donation I’ve repeatedly made has been especially fulfilling. 

When Pendaeli Amos Musani first contacted me through my website, it was about copywriting for his safari company in Tanzania called Elyon Tours Tanzania. He then made the effort to reach out on Facebook, and we soon connected and became friends.

At some point, Pendaeli mentioned he was starting a charity named Elyon & Friends to help some of the people suffering in his homeland of Tanzania. I saw Pendaeli tackle tough problems like building wells for Tanzanian villages that had no water, bringing sanitizer and soap to people during COVID-19, and most importantly, food for villages that had experienced several years of drought.

I decided to send Pendaeli a donation. I trusted him and knew he would put the money to good use. And he did. He provided me photos of exactly what my donation bought and who my donation helped. What follows below are those moving pictures from the various donations I’ve made. 

Bringing food relief to the elderly

Pendaeli delivering food to 10 households at Engikareti village at sub village named Embalwa.

We drove 42kms one way to meet the beneficiaries of your donation at Engikareti village.

Distribution of school supplies to children

This is Esther – a kindergarten pupil. She does walk return 8kms every day to attend school. She loves her school and teachers.

Mother collecting school supplies for her child

In 2005, people of Embalwa sub village decided to start their kindergarten and primary school in their area because the available school were situated a bit far, about 7kms one way. So they start kindergarten school under the tree shown above.

In 2006, people of Embalwa sub village they managed to build one classroom using reject timber wood so to keep their children from searing sun and a lot of disturbance during rainy season.

This is only toilet which used by teachers and children at Embalwa Primary School

If you would like to donate to Elyon & Friends Tanzania, they welcome your participation. The need is great. Contact Pendaeli at the email below.

Pendaeli Amos Musani
Elyon & Friends Tanzania
P.O Box 1808 – Arusha, Tanzania
Tel:  +255 623 987731 I +255 754 743685
*Real Friends for Real People*

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