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Need help marketing your healthcare business?

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You’ve worked hard to build your healthcare practice. You have a loyal following of patients who appreciate the care you provide. You’re constantly looking to sharpen your skills and stay current on all the latest treatments.

But there’s one area that you know you’ve been neglecting, and that – if you’re willing to admit it to yourself – you’re not handling all that well: marketing. Attracting new patients is happening at a slower pace than you’d like.

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With marketing, you can accelerate the growth of your medical practice.

Start with Your Website

In today’s world, your online presence is a critical component of your business success. Good marketing starts with writing your website. See if any of this sounds familiar.

The traffic to your site is minimal. The copywriting could be more dynamic. You know it should do a better job of differentiating your healthcare services from your competitors’. Even if “selling” against the competition leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, you can take an informational approach to promoting your qualities.

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It can take years to build a medical practice. A well-written website can help you attract new patients faster.

Your patients know you genuinely care about them, but how about prospective patients? Are they able to get a clear picture of your capabilities and compassion just by reading your website? A healthcare copywriter could help you stand out in your medical field and attract more patients.

Writing Content Isn’t What You Do Best

Most healthcare professionals believe they do a phenomenal job of caring for their patients, which then translates into gaining their trust and loyalty. But getting new patients to contact you in the first place isn’t a task you can ignore. Running a successful healthcare organization requires you to consider the business aspects of your operation. And for many healthcare practitioners, those areas present a major challenge.

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Your days are filled seeing patients and keeping up on medical news. A healthcare copywriter can take marketing off your plate.

You’re not alone. Plenty of healthcare companies struggle with copywriting their website and other marketing materials. So let yourself off the hook. It’s okay if writing isn’t your thing. Your clinical skills are off the chain! But if your website doesn’t pique the interest of patients and answer their questions, you’re flying on dreams and hopes. And that’s a recipe for failure.

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No matter the type of doctor or dentist you are, the competition has never been greater. Compete more effectively with a quality website and blog.

Build a Skilled Team

Any entrepreneur will tell you, assembling the right team is the key to scaling a business and maximizing revenue. And a talented, experienced healthcare copywriter should be part of YOUR team.

Of course, you could invest the effort to write better web copy and craft your own blog posts, but is that really the best use of your time?

Aren’t you better off focusing on treating patients and keeping up with the latest medical breakthroughs and technology?

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Add a healthcare copywriter to your team to reach more patients and grow your medical business.

You can’t be everywhere and you can’t do everything in your business. So choose people who can augment your capabilities and help shoulder the capacity. A marketing copywriter with experience in the healthcare industry is a smart investment in building your team.

Keep Up in an Industry Undergoing Digital Transformation

The healthcare industry has seen a massive wave of investment, innovation and new entrants from the technology, telecom and consumer industries, according to the Davos Agenda. There’s telehealth, remote monitoring, AI-first products, digital therapeutics, digital health tools and more.

2022 is seen as a transformative year for global health. Patients and healthcare professionals are less reluctant to choosing remote care. It’s more timely for patients, can reduce hospitalizations and increases healthcare workforce effectiveness.

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Medical technology is transforming the traditional healthcare practice. Use blog and web copy to ensure your patients know you’re keeping up.

Bioconvergence and bioelectronics, in which data and digital unite with drug discovery, engineering and biotech, will help further unlock the healthcare industry. We’ll see more personalized medicine and address therapeutic areas that have unanswered medical needs. Artificial intelligence will support clinical decision making, while improving the efficient delivery of care.

How are you participating in the digital revolution of healthcare? That information belongs on your website, in your brochures and on your social media.

The Competition Is Mounting

You know how competitive the field is just in your area, but that’s part of a much larger trend. Consider these statistics:

Are you getting your piece of the pie? There’s too much competition for you to be complacent about marketing.

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Gain an edge over your many competitors with high quality healthcare copy.

A Healthcare Copywriter Can Give You an Edge

If you want to distinguish yourself from other similar healthcare companies and dominate your competition, you’re going to have to up your game. And that’s exactly what a healthcare copywriter can do for you. She can write:

  • Web copy to promote your practice
  • Blog posts to drive traffic to your website
  • Social media posts to build a following
  • Brochures you can send to prospects
  • Sales letters to attract new referral partners
  • Case studies of satisfied patients
  • Ad campaigns
  • Press releases
  • And more!

Those Who Wait Miss Out

Isn’t it time you had content custom-designed to position your healthcare brand? For most people, choosing healthcare providers and products is a decision they don’t take lightly. They need confidence they’re making the right decision.

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Your web copy doesn’t have to be “salesy.” Informational copywriting is often more effective.

If your website copy and other marketing materials don’t reassure them that you’re the person they should see for their care, you’re losing revenue. You need trustworthy content that motivates action. Help persuade patients to contact you with professional, informational copy that describes why you’re the best solution to their problem.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

By improving the copywriting that appears on your website and other marketing materials, you’re elevating your medical practice. And it’s just a matter of time until the results begin translating into real growth and revenue.

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You stay focused on your healthcare company while we take care of your marketing copy.

We have healthcare copywriters on staff. They have experience working one-on-one with health-related companies. They’re fast, able to give quick turnarounds, and our prices are affordable.

We work with a wide variety of healthcare providers including:

If you’re ready to grow your medical practice, professional web copy and marketing materials are an important step on your journey.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote on your healthcare copywriting project. We can’t wait to support you in your mission to help more patients and achieve unlimited success!

Need help marketing your healthcare business?

Work with a healthcare copywriter.

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