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Natural Healthcare Copywriter Seeks Insight into Market

Do Nutritional Supplements and Natural Health Remedies Generate Adequate Work for Writers?

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Hi Susan,

I am seeking to build a copywriting business targeting the natural/alternative/integrative healthcare market.

I noticed from your website that you target the natural health and nutritional supplement audience as well, but you promote your services to a wide variety of businesses, and I’m wondering why. May I ask you a few questions about the state of the industry?

Do you pursue other businesses because the natural health care market is too small and clients in that industry don’t have realistic budgets?

Do you have a myriad of copywriters that work with you to write for the many markets you target?

Do you have a feel for the viability of working in the alternative/natural health market exclusively? 

Do clients tend to be frugal in terms of marketing expenditures? 

Do you have an estimate of what percentage of your business comes from that niche?

I would appreciate any tips and direction you might be willing to share.



vitamin supplement copywriters

The vitamin supplement and natural health market can be a viable niche for copywriters.

Hi Doreen,

It’s nice to meet you.

I target many different industries as a way to attract more copywriting work. I do have a myriad of copywriters with whom I work, but I’m also a generalist who can write on most topics myself.

With regard to the natural health / alternative medicine and nutritional supplement market, it’s hard to make a general statement about clients in that industry. I see a mix.

I get some clients who are well-established and what I would call mid-sized. They’ve been in business for a few years and have built up a following of customers who buy from them on a regular basis. They have employees and routinely hire vendors like copywriters and marketers. They know that to stand out in a competitive industry, you need to work with professionals.

Businesses selling nutritional supplements

Businesses selling nutritional supplements range from one-man-bands to well-established, large companies with substantial marketing budgets.

Other clients are small-time folks, usually 1- or 2-person companies selling vitamins and supplements. They may be just starting out. Or perhaps it’s a business they run on the side. I see a lot of personal trainers and athletes selling dietary supplements as a side hustle.

Those folks tend to have limited budgets for marketing. They want help with writing their product descriptions and website copy but they can’t or don’t want to spend for it. I encourage them to go the DIY route. They’re just not a fit for me.

One thing you learn as a copywriter is that your most precious commodity is your time. You can only write so many hours a day. Make sure those hours are spent writing for  lucrative clients. Otherwise, you’re not running a business; you’re running a non-profit organization or charity.

Here’s an example of an inquiry I got this morning. This person likely falls into the small budget, one-man-band category, as he doesn’t mention a company name or provide a link to his website.


Some vitamin industry clients are looking for cut-rate copywriters. They’re best off taking the DIY route.

Hey Susan,

I’m launching a diabetic supplement and I’m looking for a copywriter to write my video sales letter and some other things.

I read one of your blog posts talking about the intricacies of writing sales copy for supplements. I would like to see some examples of your work in this industry and would like to get an idea of what you charge?



copywriter in the nutritional supplement niche

To be successful as a copywriter in the nutritional supplement niche, you need to have an understanding of natural health.

I sent Robert some pricing. It remains to be seen whether he has a copywriting budget.

I don’t have an estimate of what part of my business comes from the nutritional supplement and natural health niche, and honestly, I’m not sure that I’d want to share that information publicly if I did. While I’m happy to lend a helping hand to copywriters starting out, I’m not looking to attract more competition.

What I have done in terms of targeting is working for me and I’m happy with the quantity and quality of clients I attract in that space. I’ll leave it at that.

Hope that helps. As for additional tips, if you go to my website,, click on my blog, I have a section on Aspiring Copywriters with posts you might find useful.

Good luck!

Susan Greene

Copywriter for Dietary Supplements, Alternative Medicine / Natural Health & a Whole Lot More!

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Really sends the message home – POW!

Wow! Sounds great! I’d call that a wrap. Thank you so much for bearing with me. This was well worth the effort. Really sends the message home – POW!

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