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Dry Building Solutions is a certified waterproofing, restoration and roofing contractor.
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Dry Building Solutions was founded by Charles Farrell, an expert in commercial waterproofing, restoration, and roofing with over 50 years of experience. Most of Charlie’s business came by word of mouth.

Charlie had been in the waterproofing industry long enough to have thousands of contacts and a reputation for quality workmanship. But he couldn’t help but notice that competition had been steadily increasing and some of the larger contracts were going to newer companies. Charlie decided it was time for an upgrade of his existing, self-created and outdated website. 

Copywriter for construction and roofing businesses


Charlie contracted Susan Greene, a copywriter with experience writing for the construction industry, to rewrite the website from scratch. He identified approximately 25 services he wanted promote with dedicated pages.

Susan wrote copy for each subject, including pages for injection grout, landmark restorations, site drainage, water damage remediation and commercial roofing.

By giving each service area its own dedicated web page, Dry Building Solutions had an opportunity to rank on Google for a wide variety of keywords. Those keywords were the terms searchers were using when they had a specific waterproofing or water repair project they needed done.

Because Susan wrote the pages in an informative rather than pushy or “salesy” way, they ranked high and converted well. The copy positioned Dry Building Solutions as the experts in the field.


Dry Building Solutions greatly improved its website ranking, giving it increased visibility online. The result was more new-business inquiries and additional opportunities to bid on larger projects.

The website was designed in a way that allowed Charlie to add pages as he added new services to his company. In this way, the site would help fuel future growth.

But probably the biggest advantage Dry Building Solutions gained with the new website was the credibility it gave the company. His previous website had been flimsy, just a few pages, and the information it provided barely scraped the surface. It detracted from the company’s professionalism. Charlie hesitated to refer clients to his site or to include its URL in his project bids.

With the newly designed, freshly written and greatly expanded site, he could proudly give out his business cards and steer customers to his site, confident that they’d be impressed. The new site created trust and positioned the company as an industry leader. It was therefore much more likely to create conversions for Dry Building Solutions.

Here's what the client said about the copy:

Susan really understands my business!

When I read the copy you’d written, I said to myself, “Wow! Susan really understands my business!” I want to thank you very much!!!

Charles Farrell
Dry Building Solutions
New York, New York

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