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Learn More About Susan Greene

I’m a real person with a real family and real opinions. Read some of the interviews I’ve done and editorials I’ve written if you want more insight into my wacky world.

Five Practices That Serve Me Well as a Copywriter

The following essay appears in a book entitled, “The Power of Five” published by Donna Kozik. It describes five activities that I, Susan Greene, do consistently and believe contribute to my success in business as a freelance copywriter. 1.  Treat …

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Susan Greene Publishes e-Book on Job Hunting

Susan Greene, a freelance copywriter in Orlando, FL, has published an information-packed e-book to help professionals who are job hunting find employers and stand out in the crowded labor market. The e-book is titled “Job Hunting in a Tough Economy, …

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The Summer of Legos

It was summer 2011 and my 19-year-old son Ryan was returning home after having completed his freshman year at the University of Florida, where he’s studying computer science. He had done well but had no concrete plans for the summer. …

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Why Web Designers & Ad Agencies Hire Me (and you should too!)

Every week I receive inquiries from web design firms and ad agencies asking about my copywriting services. They want to know how I work and why they should choose me as their freelance copywriter to interact with their clients. Briefly, here’s what …

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Interview with Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter & Entrepreneur

I was recently interviewed by an author who is compiling data for a website on entrepreneurs. I thought I’d share the questions and answers with my website visitors, some of whom I know aspire to be freelance copywriters like me. …

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Susan Greene Interviewed on “Quips & Tips for Successful Writers”

I was recently interviewed by a blogger and thought I’d share some of the key questions and answers with visitors to my website. The interview was conducted by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, owner/author of the popular blog, “Quips and Tips for Successful …

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Web Designers, Digital Marketers, Ad Agencies: Let a Freelance Copywriter Round Out Your Team

Need a Copywriter Workhorse?  We Should Talk Do you ever find yourself in this situation? Your client has hired you to design a new website for his company. He’s told you he’ll provide the copy. Now the design is done and approved, …

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An Interview with Susan Greene, Freelance Copywriter in Orlando, FL

I was recently interviewed for a book titled, The Complete Guide to Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale published by Atlantic Publishing Company.  The author and interviewer was Vickie Taylor. I thought I’d post the interview because it tells a …

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Need a Freelance Copywriter? Pick a Pro!

Are you seeking a freelance copywriter? I know you have plenty of choices, and thanks to Google, they’re all right at your fingertips. But in today’s internet-based world where content is king, good copy can be the difference in your …

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The Peacock Tale, A Commentary on Plagiarists by Susan Greene

As a freelance copywriter whose work is widely published online and also in various print media, I’ve occasionally found myself the victim of plagiarists. These are people who read your copy and think, “Wow!  I wish I’d written that.”  So …

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10 Reasons Why Susan Greene Supports Girls’ Athletics

I know when you signed up for this blog, you expected all the posts to be about copywriting and marketing.  But every now and then, I feel like taking a brief departure to write about a different topic that’s been …

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