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A copywriter can help plumbers, electricians, carpenters & HVAC repair develop a website to promote their business.

Start with a Website

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Not long ago, consumers who needed a plumber, an electrician or an HVAC repair person would get out their trusted Yellow Pages. They’d thumb through the book, find their category and then start calling the local contractors to see who was available.

Nowadays, that same consumer is probably heading straight to Google. That means, if you’re a contractor or repair person selling a service, you’d better have a website or you’re not likely to get found.

A website that targets your local area and describes your capabilities is your best bet for getting calls from new customers. It not only makes consumers aware of your services, it serves as a credibility builder. A company with a professionally written website looks legitimate and well-established. It appears trustworthy and capable.

website for carpenter

A website that targets customers in your local area should be your first marketing priority.

If you don’t have a website or you have one but it needs an upgrade, consider working with a copywriter for contractors and repair services. She can help you to grow your business by writing marketing copy that wins new work and increases sales to your existing customers.

She can write copy that raises awareness of your services and makes your company the first choice when seeking a contractor in your industry. If your business falls into any of the following categories, you need a well-designed, professionally written website:

If you have an existing website with some age, try looking at it with fresh eyes. Be sure it is an accurate reflection of the professionalism of your business and that it does a competent job of explaining why someone should hire you.

Also, make sure your site is mobile-friendly so people searching for your services on their phone are able to view it.

Bottom line. Your website is likely to be the first impression you make on prospective customers; you want it to be a good one.

website for plumber

If you have a website, make sure it’s up to date and accurately reflects the professionalism of your services.

Promote Your Specialty

Do you offer any specialized services? Do you have any particular expertise that sets you apart from others in your field? If so, that information needs to be front and center on your website.

For example, let’s say you’re a plumber, but you specialize in plumbing for large facilities such as factories, hospitals or schools. A copywriter for plumbers would mention that information right on your home page or perhaps suggest creating a separate landing page that speaks of the specialty in detail.

The purpose of promoting your specialty is to elevate your status and differentiate you from the many general plumbers who only do residential work. While you may not generate most of your revenue from this specialization, it still can be promoted to set you apart from your competition.

Do you have any specialties? Promote them as a way to stand out from others in your industry.

Consider Other Marketing Tools

While creating a website should be your first marketing priority, it shouldn’t be your only marketing tool for generating business.

Do you have a customer database? An email campaign or a blog can be a great way to stay in touch with customers so that when they need your services, you are top of mind.

Email campaigns, brochures and social media present additional opportunities to promote your home repair services.

For example, if you’re an air conditioning repair service or sell HVAC systems and parts, do an email campaign in April to remind your customers that warm weather is coming and it’s a good time check their AC. Or if you’re a plumber, in November send out tips about preventing frozen pipes.

Another marketing tool can be a brochure. You can email it as a PDF to new prospects or leave it behind after a sales call with a customer. It helps to reinforce your professionalism and also puts your contact information at the customer’s fingertips.

copywriter for home repair services

Work with a professional copywriter to create marketing materials that generate sales and represent your brand well.

You can also consider promoting your services on social media like Facebook and Instagram, establishing a listing in online directories like Angie’s List, and advertising on search engines like Google and Bing.

professional copywriting and marketing

Your ROI in professional copywriting and marketing will come in the form of new customers and added revenue.

Work with a Professional Copywriter or Marketer

Your area of expertise – plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. – is where you make your money and presumably how you’d like to be spending your time. So don’t hesitate to contact a professional copywriter to assist you in creating your website and other marketing materials.

The job will get done quickly, and it will be done right. Most importantly, your return on investment in terms of building your brand and attracting more customers will be well worth the cost.

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Promote your contractor or repair business. Work with a professional copywriter to improve your website.

Get a no-obligation quote.

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