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Copywriter for International Companies Targeting the American Market

Create a website in English to sell your products globally

Ready to go global? Hire an American copywriter to create English content for your website, blog and more.

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You have a product or service that you’ve been selling in your country. But now you want to go bigger. Thinking of expanding and selling into the U.S. market? Because U.S. residency or citizenship is not required, non-U.S. citizens can readily sell into the U.S. The same applies to the countries in Europe. However, to target customers abroad you’ll have to translate, localize or completely redo your website and marketing materials.

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native English-speaking copywriter

If you’re targeting American consumers, hire a U.S. copywriter to develop the English copy for your website so it sounds localized.

Start with Writing Your Website

Having a website written in English is critical. It’s how prospective customers will find you and how they’ll verify to themselves that your company is legitimate. An English website will help you win credibility and trust among international clients.

If English isn’t your first language, you don’t want to write the copy yourself. You’ll want to hire a professional copywriter who is a native English speaker. Your copy must sound natural so your website visitors don’t become concerned about making a purchase from a foreign company.

well-written English website

A well-written English website can facilitate sales abroad and strengthen your brand.

An American copywriter with a strong marketing background can also guide you with regard to what’s important to people in your target market and what are their expectations.

A well-written English website enables your company to sell abroad, grow faster, strengthen your brand and improve conversion rates (turn visitors into customers).

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Create Other Print Marketing Materials

While your website is likely to be your primary marketing tool, it doesn’t need to be your only one. Consider some of these other print sales materials that can help accelerate your company’s growth:

Brochure – Whether printed or digital (able to be emailed), a brochure can complement your website. It can give customers an overview of your company that they can refer to and save in their files, which in itself will help differentiate your company from competitors’.

Sales Letters – If you have a mailing list or can purchase one, well-written sales letters can be a great way to generate leads, which your sales team can then pursue.

English brochure

Consider creating a digital brochure in English that you can email to prospects.

Email Campaigns – Certainly one of the most cost-effective marketing methods, a series of creative, informative emails can help you gain visibility with prospects.

Blog – Stay in touch with your customers and attract new business with informative blog posts that relate to your industry and position you as an authority in your field.

Press Releases – Make announcements via the media regarding significant achievements such as the opening of sales offices in a new country or the addition of a new product line.

well-written blog

A well-written blog can be a great way to stay top-of-mind with customers located around the world.

Landing Pages – Online landing pages are an excellent way to target specific niches. So, let’s say you sell a particular component for machines.

While your primary customers are manufacturers, you may want to target the military, which also could use your component. Set up a landing page that talks about your product and its specific benefits for military customers. Keep it tightly focused to ensure the interest of your military prospect.

landing page

A highly focused landing page is an effective way to target a specific niche, such as the military.

Think about the U.S. or European customer you’re targeting. Since they’re not local, you’re unlikely to meet with them in person. Therefore, your written sales materials need to become your surrogate sales people. Make sure they’re professionally written to present your company in the best light.

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professional website

To attract American consumers, you first have to build trust with a professional website.

Consider Working with an American Freelance Copywriter

A freelance copywriter, who is a native English speaker, can easily write copy for any of the marketing materials you need. I’m Susan Greene, an American copywriter based in Orlando, Florida. My team and I write copy for companies located all over the world, including Canada, the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Israel), Germany and even China.

We can handle a wide variety of assignments. Here are a few examples of some of our recent projects:

Costa Rica – An architectural firm in Costa Rica. Wrote a website promoting its design services to build high-end, custom homes in Costa Rica. Because most of their clients are Americans, the company, which already had a website in Spanish, wanted one in English that specifically addressed American interests and concerns about building a home outside the U.S.

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Sell to the U.S. consumer

The U.S. has a large consumer base with disposable income, making it a market ripe for sales of your product.

Singapore – Company from Singapore that designs women’s clothes. Wrote an English landing page to promote a contest they were holding as a way to build their mailing list. Over 10,000 people signed up. 

Portugal – A home builder in Portugal. Wrote an English website for this construction company that builds vacation homes in Portugal. Most of its customers are Europeans or Americans.

Increase market share

Increase market share by targeting customers globally versus locally.

Malaysia – A new school for college-age students in Malaysia. Wrote an English website, brochure and PowerPoint presentation to attract students throughout Asia to this school. 

Russia – Company in Russia that sells packaging materials for agricultural products, such as containers for tomatoes and strawberries. Wrote a website, brochure and PowerPoint presentation for them to target American agricultural companies.

English website

The more unique your product, the better it will sell abroad. Make sure to tout what makes it unique on your English website.

Brazil – An agricultural company in Brazil. Wrote an English website, brochure and investment documents for a 2,500-acre plantation in Brazil, in which foreigners could invest.

Spain – A web design firm in Madrid, Spain. Wrote content for an infographic in English to help the company sell its services globally.

Dominican Republic – A real estate firm in the Dominican Republic. Wrote a website and data sheets to promote various vacation home developments in the DR to foreign buyers.

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American copywriter

An American copywriter can create effective marketing copy that resonates with other Americans.

France – A tour group company in Paris, France. Wrote content for a website and guidebooks in English to help American and British tourists find their way around the city of Paris.

Germany – A weight-loss program in Germany. Wrote a website in English to introduce this European, nutrition-based, eating program to the American market.

Hungary — A Forex software development company in Hungary. Wrote website copy, landing pages and sales letters in English to promote its software to international Forex investors.

Italy – A translation company in Italy. Edited and localized English newsletters for their client, an agricultural equipment manufacturer targeting the U.S.

Going global

Going global is less complicated than you think. And potentially more lucrative!

Lithuania – Logistics company in Lithuania. Edited a website written by non-native English speakers to make it sound natural to Americans.

Malta – A wedding consulting company in Malta. Wrote the company’s website to promote its services to foreign couples plan destination weddings in Malta and Croatia.

Germany – A software company in Germany. Edited their loosely translated website and brochure for the European and American markets.

Bangladesh – A consortium of 12 clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh. Wrote an English brochure for promoting their Bangladesh factories to the U.S. apparel market.

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transact business

With numerous shipping options and payment companies, it’s easy to transact business with people in almost any country.

West Africa – A consulting company in Cameroon, West Africa. Wrote an English brochure to promote its consulting services that assist international companies in selling their products and services to the African market.

Bahrain – A commercial real estate lender in Bahrain. Wrote press releases and case studies in English for this financial group that provides loans to real estate developers in the U.S.

Germany – A museum in Hamburg, Germany. Wrote an English website and brochure to attract American and European tourists to the museum.

France – A software company in France. Wrote landing pages to promote their Product Lifecycle Management software to American clothing companies.

Saudi Arabia – A translations company in Saudi Arabia. Wrote a brochure for them to send to prospective clients in the U.S. and Europe.

English marketing materials

Companies that invest in English marketing materials will be better positioned to compete on the global market.

China – An art supplies manufacturer in China. Wrote a series of sales letters to target U.S. art companies seeking a more cost-effective manufacturer for their products.

South Africa — A safari company with multiple locations in South Africa. Wrote a website for them to attract American tourists to their wildlife safaris.

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American copywriter

Consider working with an American copywriter who has experience partnering with international companies and can provide guidance to successfully launch your international sales effort.

Experience with International Companies


As you can see, we have significant experience working with international companies looking to sell their products and services to the U.S. market and around the world. What we’ve done for other companies, we can do for you.

If you have a project that involves copywriting or copy editing in English, work with professionals who can get the job done right. Well-written copy will help you generate leads and sales as you build your international customer base. We’re here for you. Request a free quote.

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Ready to go global? Hire an American copywriter to create English content for your website, blog and more.

Get a no-obligation quote.

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