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Boost Traffic to Your Website with SEO

The higher your website ranks on Google for your target keywords, the more traffic you’ll get. So it pays to optimize your copy with quality content, strategic use of keywords and well-crafted meta tags.

How to Write Keyword-Rich SEO Content for Your Website

How to Rank Higher on Google Choose the right keywords Look for niches to stand out Integrate keywords into text Use latent semantic indexing Attract inbound links Word meta-tags with care View SEO as an ongoing process Choose the Right …

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SEO Strategy: Make Old Blog Posts New Again

For more than five years, as part of my SEO strategy, I’ve been writing new posts for my copywriting blog. I’ve probably written a couple hundred posts covering everything from How to Write a Killer About Us page to Tactics for Success as …

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Launch Your Website to the Top of the Search Engines

Your website is complete, and you’re pleased with the way it looks. Now you want to see it rise in the search engine rankings. What can you do? Add content. Yes, you already have a Home page, an About Us page, and Product …

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Why Inbound Links Are Critical to Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

Incoming Links Add Credibility to Your Website As a Florida copywriter who often does SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting, I’m frequently asked about the value of inbound links. While I’d love to say the only variable that matters to search engines …

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Search Engine Marketing

Are you wondering if search engine marketing could be the right technique for promoting your business and increasing your profits? Let’s start with the basics. Search engine marketing (SEM) is all about increasing your visibility on search engine results pages. …

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Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing

“Build it and they will come,” seems to be the unspoken motto of web site designers, who think their cool design with killer features will generate traffic for you on its own. It won’t. You have to invest in marketing …

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Does Your Business Need SEO Copywriting and Marketing?

You’ve probably heard about search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting and marketing. But it’s confusing, even overwhelming, and you suspect SEO is only appropriate for big businesses, not one that’s small or mid-sized, like yours. SEO is the process of creating …

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10 Reasons to Hire an SEO Copywriter

Not all copywriters are created equal.  It used to be that you had only to find someone who had 1) writing talent, and 2) marketing expertise. Those skills were great for writing print materials like brochures, ads and press releases.  …

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SEO, Give It a Go!

Are you afraid that writing for search engines will take away your creativity? Are you concerned that your website’s words will sound fake, almost robotic? Are you paranoid that search engine optimization will hinder your website’s flow? Well, stop worrying.  …

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Why Your Business Desperately Needs SEO

When you want a product or service, where do you look first?  If you’re like 70% of online consumers, you head right to Google.  Over 60 million people use search engines daily.  That’s why if you own a small- or …

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SEO Copywriters Have a Simple Strategy: Give Google What It Wants

Google Rewards Websites with Good Copy Organic ranking (not paid ads) on Google can make or break your business. High ranking on page 1 for your main keywords generates loads of FREE traffic to your website, which translates into leads …

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A Dozen Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

One of the most important Internet marketing principles boils down to this key fact: A high ranking on Google and other major search engines for your main keywords will increase traffic to your website. And the more traffic that comes …

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How to Win the SEO Game

Seems that everyone has a different strategy for how to succeed in the search engine optimization (SEO) game. Some people will tell you keyword-rich copywriting is the answer. Others say ranking is based on the quantity and quality of your …

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Top 10 FAQs About Search Engine Optimization

As a website copywriter, I get asked a lot about search engine optimization (SEO). Anyone who is creating a website or modifying an existing website, should become familiar with SEO techniques. I thought I’d share with you the 10 most …

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What NOT to Do When Writing Copy for Your Website

As a freelance copywriter based in Orlando, I’ve worked with many web designers, search engine optimizers (seos) and fellow copywriters throughout my home state of Florida. While we each have our own way of developing a web site, one thing on …

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